Amicable Solutions


  • Availability: Attorney Rankin is available to clients through conflict. She gives clients the ability to reach her on weekends and evenings, and her office returns calls promptly. 
  • Holistic legal counsel: Whenever possible, Jennifer Leigh Rankin, LLC, empowers parents to make informed choices on their own and not leave them up to the court. While attorney Rankin is comfortable fighting for her clients in court, it is usually much more efficient, amicable and effective to settle divorce and separation matters outside of court. She helps clients see the big picture to make decisions that will be best for them and their children for many years to come.
  • Knowledge and focus: Attorney Rankin utilizes child experts, financial neutrals and other professional experts as needed to make the best arrangements and recommendations for her clients' cases.
Helping You Through Conflict 

Jennifer Leigh Rankin, LLC, represents married, separated, already divorced, cohabitating and unmarried couples, as well as gay and lesbian couples, and those in other relationships, providing exceptional legal service marked by:

It is never simple to transition from a nuclear family to a bi-nuclear family. This difficulty is exacerbated through the process of litigation, where children see their parents in a contentious battle. Attorney Jennifer Leigh Rankin helps clients settle their cases in a way that will be more private, more civil and more likely to maintain the necessary working relationships going forward.