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Attorney Jennifer Leigh Rankin has more than a decade of experience helping clients through a range of family law issues.In court multiple times per week, attorney Rankin has an exceptional understanding of the inner working of the court process. She is trained in mediation for property divisionand child custody issues in divorce and separation as well as in Dependency issues. She is also a trained parenting coordinator, and collaborative lawyer and has been selected for inclusion in the 2013 Super Lawyers Rising Star list. 

If you are considering a divorce, separation, adoption or other family law action, make sure you work with a lawyer who has the legal experience and knowledge to protect your interests, as well as a commitment to working with you personally to help you find the best solutions possible in your family law case.  

     Family law is a legally complicated and emotionally challenging area of law. Divorce and separation from a spouse or domestic partner can be contentious and emotionally wrenching; the adoption process can be rewarding but also emotionally challenging for everyone involved.

"With my educational background in social work, psychology and law, I have a unique ability to provide holistic help and solutions for families in crisis. When they sit down with me, my clients feel they can trust me. I will work my clients to find the process and outcome that will work best for each individual, with the least amount of personal damage to their life and their children. I am here to help you."                                                                                                ∙ Jennifer Leigh Rankin, Attorney at Law